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Ass Naked

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Dont worry, its only the world watching.

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Girl Know Your Worth.

You take shot after shot after shot

hoping to erase those men who’ve climbed up in you

hoping to sew up the open wound that tyrone left on your slow beating heart

see you cant see who you really are when you look in the mirror

because they’ve blocked your judgment

see you don’t know what your really worth because you’ve been on sale all your life

you cant stand up for you, because you’ve been knocked down

over, and over and over again

so you look to substances to relieve your pain

you seek that white and that green 

to cover up the guiltiness from all those men being in between. 

those legs

night after night

in the morning they catch flight

see you cant understand what your worth cause you’ve been on sale all your life

but girl you have to walk through to get out 

you’ll understand soon, i hope one day you realize what i’m talking about.  

- Ps. I did write this…. just now , i all of a sudden got a burst of creativity :)

oh michael <3 
Damn <3

When people say, ” She’s got everything” , I’ve got one answer - “I havent had tommorow”. R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor.